First the hammer, now the dance: examining risks, values, and other decision factors in dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic in Bavaria.

Covid-19 Hammer Dance of those responsible

The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to policymakers, public health workers, and experts tasked with preventing the spread of the virus and limiting the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic.

As the pandemic unfolded, policymakers, health professionals, and leaders always had to and continue to balance the delicate balance between containing the contagion of the virus and carefully supporting central services, schools, and economic interests.

This project examines how public health policy makers and public health (administrators) weigh the various aspects of decisions related to (public) life in the pandemic. It examines the trade-offs at the heart of decisions about restriction and openness. What values underlie these decisions? How are competing priorities determined? What ethical considerations are made, and what are absent? What risks and benefits are considered, and how are they evaluated and weighed?

Dr. Amelia Fiske
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Ismaninger Street 22, 81675 Munich

Project Management:
Dr. Amelia Fiske


Project Type:
Third-party funded project

Funding source:
Special program for the promotion of corona research, Bavarian Council of Ministers