Dr. Amelia Fiske

Senior Research Associate

Amelia Fiske is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Amelia Fiske is a cultural anthropologist working in an interdisciplinary bioethics setting since 2017. Her work is at the intersection of cultural anthropology, feminist science and technology studies, social medicine and bioethics, and environmental studies and humanities. She received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), held a postdoctoral position at Kiel University, and conducted extensive field research in Ecaudor before coming to TUM.

Amelia Fiske has over a decade of experience conducting interdisciplinary qualitative and ethnographic research in two key areas: 1) anthropological and critical social science approaches to bioethics, artificial intelligence, and digital and sociotechnical changes in knowledge production; 2) ethnographic attention to issues of socio-ecological justice, experiences of toxicity in the context of extraction, participatory research methods, and graphic arts.

Methodologically, she is an expert in qualitative research methods based on anthropological theories and in the use of graphics to bring lay people closer to social science research. She has extensive experience in inter- and multinational contexts, including a research study on solidarity in the pandemic in nine European and twelve Latin American countries. She has received over €333,000.00 in research funding and her work is published in leading social and health science journals as well as graphic magazines.

  • Participatory practices in health care
  • Ethics of medical AI
  • Toxicity, extraction and socio-ecological justice.
  • Ethnography and graphic art
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  • Ethics and Palliative Care Seminar (Certificate of Achievement GTE) (SoSe and WiSe)

Amelia Fiske gives scientific and public lectures on the following topics:

  • Ethics of medical AI
  • participatory research methods in the health sector
  • digital technologies for mental health
  • Use of graphic art in ethnographic research
  • Toxicity and oil production in the Ecuadorian Amazon.